DIY…recipe board

My neighbor, Mitch, and I are good collaborators. We start talking about an idea and come up with 50 different new ones! This idea started off because he wanted to make or get a cork board to hang recipes in his kitchen for easy access.  After a trip to home depot and no cork board to be found, we brainstormed an idea of staining wood and using that as a cork board. Of course, after getting back to the house and trying push pins, they just did not go in very easily, clearly! So, the idea came about to use string and hang the recipes from the string. And there you have it.  It doesn’t have to be just recipes, but pictures, polaroids, art…just add a few more rows of string and you can do whatever you want. Or make it into string art. The world is your oyster with a piece of wood and some string!!!

A good old piece of ply wood will work just fine. Find a stain you like or maybe paint it a color.

Measure where you want the screws or nails to go into to hold your string.  This will depend on what you are hanging and how many rows you want.  Mitch did now want the magazine tears to overlap ( I think you can allow them too if you want). So we used the tears to measure and 4 rows was a perfect fit.

Next drill screws or hammer nails on either side at the dimensions you have decided on.  Find some string and attach to either end either pulling it very taught or let it droop for another effect. Tie a few knots to make sure the string does not come loose. You can cut the excess off or let it hang.

Hang on the wall where you would like.  You will have to add a wall hanger on the back, these are super easy to get at a hardware store.  Mitch used bulldog clips to hang his recipes. He grouped them together by type of recipe so he knows where to look for them.  You can also use safety pins or any other kind of clip you like.

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