DIY…vintage door signs

From Kate and Sean’s wedding.

I have been lucky the past two summers and was asked to be in two of my best friend’s weddings ( and another next summer! ).  For both weddings, I helped the bride makes these signs from old wood doors I found at Silverlake Architectual Salvage.  

Clearly the signs needs to be cleaned off. The paint is often coming off, but I like this look.  Get yourself some cleaner, a rag, a pencil, black acrylic paint, different size paint brushes depending on your preference and handwriting, water, a paint rag, and of course a beer! I drew the word on first with pencil.  Go back over the pencil with black paint as though you are using a pen writing cursive. . You can go back through the touch up the spots where needed. I did this a few times!

Greg and Rebecca used the signs as props and sent these cards out as a thank you! So cute!

photo credit:

first photo: the big affair

postcard photo: annie mcelwain

(post of Kate’s DIY wedding soon!)

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One thought on “DIY…vintage door signs

  1. These signs rocked! Thanks Annie! To thief at the park who stole the welcome sign, shame on you…but I understand it was too cool not to steal.

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