Reinterpreted 70's house plants

  I have a thing for 1970’s garden books. I use to be a plant killer, but with patience and a new found love for a new found hobby, I have managed to keep my house plants alive (only a few casualties in the last year, but I will just blame that on the quality of home depot plants). Plants are like a piece of art, but they are alive, beautiful, and delicate. They bring joy to my day when I frolic around my house.

The next two photos are actually from a book published in 1986.

Between my neighbor and I we practically have a botanical garden. They spill out onto the back porch and into the yard creating somewhat of a 70’s wonderland I have an affinity for.(Also instagram apps help too)  Southern California has the advantage of being able to maintain all these plants year round.

Spider plants and ferns have become my favorite plants and reek of the 70’s. Macrame and anything with lots of foliage would work too.   These images below are from my friend’s house out in New Mexico I took a year ago. He taught me how to care for my plants!


My favorite place to shop for plants in LA are:

Rolling Greens

downtown flower mart

Sunset Nursery

photo credits: 1.How to Grow House Plants,Sunset Books.1974. 2,3,4. Sunset Ideas for Hanging Gardens, Sunset Books.1977. 5,6.The Indoor Garden Book,Crown Publishers, 1986. Rest of the photos by: Annie Rocchio

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Welcome to the bridge where I hope and intend to create a space for ALL the things I do and can't seem to quit. I am a stylist, a creator, a shop owner, a writer, an artist, a mama. Sabina Bloom was born FEB 2021 in a snowstorm and she has an extra special gift on her 21st chromosome. Here you will find us laughing, loving, creating, and navigating Down syndrome and our life together.

3 thoughts on “Reinterpreted 70's house plants

  1. the last few photos are my plants. the others are from 70’s house plant books. and a few are from a friends house. i love plants too! they are sunshine in the house!

  2. Are these all your plants? and I thought I had it bad. But I am just in the early stages of my “Indoor plant” addiction but I don’t mind if it overtakes the living room onto the bedroom and washroom. beautiful photos too 🙂

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