DIY: tie dye napkins

Tie dyeing can become addictive. Here is a simple process to make tie dye napkins for yourself or as a gift.  You will need:

100% cotton napkins ( I used the Target brand, 12 pack)

RIT dye in choice of colors

rubber bands

pot or washing machine

tongs for handling


covered surface


Start boiling your water.  There are several ways you can prep this. You can wash the napkins, however I did not because they were brand new. If you have used them before then yes, wash them to get rid of any stains or grease.  You can also soak the items you will dye in an ash solution.

Take your napkin and start picking spots to wrap rubber bands around. Where the rubber band goes is where the design will take shape.  The dye is not as easily transferred in these spots.  I usually started in the middle of the napkin, making patterns from there. Next you will add the dye to your pot ( you can do the washing machine, but I prefer not to, just follow instructions on the box). You can also add salt to the dye to make it more pungent. Now, add your napkins. You can do an ombre dye by slowly adding in certain spots of the napping (like the corners or middle) leaving the rest white or a different color or just drop it in for one color. You can also use a squeeze bottle, filling it with dye and squirting it where you like on the napkin.

Take the napkins out of pan and rinse thoroughly under cold water. (Also, the longer you leave the napkins in the dye the darker it will get).

Let the napkins dry ( I did overnight).

I decided to take the dyeing further once the first batch had dried. I thought I wanted a single color on both. This time I rolled the napkin up and tied rubber bands in a row. This looked something like zig zag stripes.

I also tried some ombre on a few.

After they have dried.  Take off rubber bands and wash the napkins.  And  thats it!

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