Travel: Croatia

A view from Marjan Park.

I woke up this morning thinking it has been almost 5 months since my European/Moroccan adventure. Sometimes the trip feels like a dream and sometimes I get sad that it’s over and I want to savor all the memories. Then, I woke up this morning to a nice email from my friend Lisa, whom just recently moved to Moscow via London, and she was encouraging me with my blog and saying how nice it is that we are keeping in touch. We have known each other since 4th grade. Lis and I had not seen each other in a long time and I decided to make an impromptu trip while in Italy to London right after my impromptu trip to Croatia. (so croatia and london were not part of the original plan).  When I got Lisa’s email I was hoping it was her sending me updates on her blog as I love learning about all the crazy Russian culture stories she has and hearing about her, her husband’s, and baby Cayden’s adventures.  I went to her blog anyway and I scrolled upon her trip to Croatia…which in turn prompted me to finish this post I started a few weeks back.  I am not sure if people enjoy reading about my travels…or seeing pictures, which I suppose is why I never posted this post before. I figured most people had enough of it on Facebook.  I decided theming out my travels might be a bit more interesting. But when I was reading Lisa’s blog this morning, I loved reading about the travels and seeing the pictures….so I decided someone out there might be interested in these photos.

 Inside Diocletian’s Palace.  This palace was built for Diocletian’s, a Roman emperor, retirement in 305 AD. This place is old( just to let you know). It is now filled with shops and restaurants…even dentists (as we had to make a quick trip to one…long story).

A square filled with restaurants and a beautiful view. The fish market was just around the corner, you can imagine the quality of the seafood here…and the smell for that matter.

The little apartment where we stayed.  Super charming right in the middle of where the locals live. Lots of time spent on that porch drinking Nescafe and listening to the neighbors play American pop music.

Neighborhood shots.

We really wanted to find the best local food.  There was a place that was recommended to us and was also in the guidebooks.  Trying to find things in the palace walls was really difficult and google maps was not much help and expensive to use.  We were looking for this place for like 30 minutes, and we finally think we found it. Still not sure if this was the right place, but it was one of my favorite experiences in Split.  We walked in and the lady didn’t really speak any English.  My friend went to the bathroom and she pulled me come into the kitchen to show me what was for lunch, lifting up pots and pans, pointing. The place was filled with locals and pretty much off the beaten path so, I can only imagine she was wondering what the hell two Americans were doing here. It was truly homemade and super delicious!

More Croatian food.

For my birthday we rented a car and took the ferry over to the island of Brac. We drove to a small town called Bol, which is usually booming with tourists. However, we were there on the off season.  There was only one hotel open and just a few restaurants.  We had the famous beach, Zlatni Rat, pretty much all to ourselves for a beautiful sunset and some sunbathing time in the morning!

Train ride to Zagreb.

We went back to Split for the evening and decide to go to Zagreb a day early. We took the little engine that could for about 8 hours.  The whole train would shake about every 10 minutes and they served nescafe in plastic dixie cups. I wanted to throw up for about the first 2 hours, but then I got use to it. The scenery and countryside was breathtaking.  We both put on our headphones and zoned out.  We would pull through all these tiny towns and the local train guy would stand outside as we passed, which I got a big kick out of. So, many buildings along the way were run down or abandoned.  We went through one little town and the name at the station said, Kosovo. I immediately thought we were in THE Kosovo. On the map it looks like you would cut through Bosnia to get to Zagreb, for about an hour I really thought we had just been through the actual Kosovo. I turned on my 3g and probably spent $20 trying to figure out that we weren’t, I was a bit disappointed…and felt a little bit like a stupid American.

We arrived in Zagreb and immediately loved it.  It was the perfect, tiny, metropolitan city…for about a 2 days.  Charming, sunny, and easily walkable.  The city kind of felt like a storybook with its colors and buildings. They love their outdoor cafe’s here and the city is filled with them and people drinking.  I rediscovered hipstamtic for the iPhone here….about 3 countries too late.

This last picture was at the Zagreb Botanical Gardens.  After Mitch left for Budapest I walked around the city by myself.  From here it was off to london…which I will post about next week in honor of Lisa and my friend Kristin whom is headed there on Monday.

Phew, that was a long post.  I have such wanderlust…if I could get paid to travel and travel forever I would…I just have to get over the not loving to fly issue!

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3 thoughts on “Travel: Croatia

  1. Oh I SOOO MUCH LOVE Croatia! This year I was visiting an old friend in Opatija and last year I was 2 weeks on the island Pag.
    Croatia is always worth a visit! greetings from germany, geisslein!

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