Weekend travels: family loving!

I have never really been one for dressing up on halloween, but that does not mean I don’t appreciate the holiday itself or the fun things about it.  I would just rather be the judge not the one “competing”…if you know what I mean.  My sisters have always been super party planners.  See, my mom taught me to shop and decorate while my sisters taught me to bake, craft, and party plan.  I think of them as the Martha Stewart mom I had growing up(not the crazy mean kind).  My mom never baked much but brownies, my sisters always did that stuff and I looked up to them immensely ( as well as my bro, but he will get his own post one day). I was so impressed with all the work my sister,Julie, put into this family halloween party.  It made my heart tickle to the point I teared up. I loved having the whole family together being silly and eating sugar (what we do best).  My dad even made his own costume and put on his own makeup. I put on a  witch costume to join the fun…they got me out of my snotty box I suppose and to lighten up a bit!  Jules worked so hard decorating her house and making lots of yummy goodies!!!

Everywhere you looked her house was filled with decorations! I was loving that she took it to a different level and it wasn’t just about the plastic decorations from Target.  

Baked potato soup with black cat toasts!

My sister-in-law,Addie, is also super creative and crafty! My brother went as Elmer Fudd, Addie as Bugs Bunny, Ryland as Road Runner, and baby Violet as Wile E. Coyote (below). I loved their costumes!

My Aunt Patrice (aka. Urzie) went as a tea partier! Amazing! Urz is also super crafty!

The front yard was all done up as well. These pictures don’t even include half of what Julie did.  Just the highlights.  David, her husband, cut the witch and tombstones out of wood.  Jules even made a little advent like calendar for the countdown to Halloween.

Lately, when I visit with the family I come back to LA a bit more sentimental for the small moments in life.  Family has always been so important to me, but it becomes more and more as I get older. I live far away from all of them and I wish I was closer.  I often ask what is the point of being that far away? I haven’t quite figured out a good reason.

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