Re-useable wrapping!

I have this thing about throwing away paper. Or throwing away anything,which explains my small hoarding problem, although I still tend to have a lot of trash it seems.  My dad asked me and my brother recently if we thought other families produces as much trash as we did. Kind of funny, actually.

So, back to this thing about paper. When I buy something new I often ask for it not to be wrapped in tissue.  The sales people often look at me like I am crazy, but what am I going to do with that paper once I get home…throw it away, right? I cringe a little at Christmas time when the trash bags of wrapping paper begin to fill up. Now, I am not perfect when it comes to saving the planet, but I have my things and hey, every bit counts.  Sometimes you can’t avoid getting something wrapped in paper at the store if the item is breakable…I will make this exception.  I sometimes save this paper, like I save the bags (that was a small hoarding problem for a while!).

Because of this paper issue, I have a hard time justifying buying wrapping paper. I have a few rolls, but I thought it would be fun to do a post on wrapping gifts in used paper! If you are crafty then I am sure you have lots of fun string, twine, weird nick-nacks lying around that you can make your trim for your gifts! The things I used for these gifts are things I have in my craft kit for other projects.

NEWSPAPER! The obvious paper to reuse right? Find a page with something interesting written on it, if you can, avoiding anything too depressing (check the creative sections!) I used twine and a small air plant to decorate this little guy. I also made some tags out of the paper thin wood I often use for tags and postcards (I buy it at Michael’s)!

This is my favorite one! A while back I splatter painted a piece of muslin with watercolors. I had this square piece lying around and thought why not use it for gift wrap! The fabric can then be reused by someone else as decoration or wrapping again.  This is great because you can make a ton of this yourself! You just need muslin, which is cheap, and some watercolors!

For the decoration I made a little flag from a skewer and ribbon!

This paper was from glasses I bought at Crate and Barrel.

Newspaper advertising pages!

Brown paper bag from the grocery store and bakers twine.

Okay, okay…I used some wrapping paper.  I bought this stuff though because I think it is versatile for most occasions!

I also made some gift tags with watercolors and paper. The small piece of driftwood is another little decoration idea. I got the idea for the dried flowers when I worked at KellyGreen Home for a hot second!

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