421-423 n boylston…

This piece is by David John from YHBHS, (please check out his blog…it’s amazing!), whom once owned the house I currently live in.  He wrote this piece for the most recent issue of Apartamento, one of my favorite magazines.

 David, was still living in the house when I moved in.  He welcomed me into this home he created, one that obviously already held so much history for him, something I would think could be a hard thing to do.  I so much enjoyed our conversations, his advice, and hearing stories about the house.  He sent me the article yesterday and as I was reading it, I could understand and feel that connection to this house, even though I have only lived in here for a year and a half. David handed over the keys to the new landlord and then they handed over the keys to me. Six months later David left his side of the house  and the keys were handed over to a dear friend of mine. Now the time has come to hand the keys over again. It is hard to see someone leave, someone whom helped you create a home on top of someone else’s once home.  Furniture will leave, the dog and cats, a certain amount of comfort as well. Although I often crave change, I can also find it difficult, especially saying goodbye.  I admit I get a bit to sentimental about things and people. However, I welcome the new neighbors (and luckily I do know them),  but I do wonder what will life be like? How will things transition? Will I miss my old neighbor and friend? Will the new neighbors love the house as much as I do? Will the house mean the same thing to me? What does the future hold in this house?

I don’t think the landlords will ever have a problem renting this place out.  People were lining up at my party last weekend wanting to move in! People LOVE this place!! All the blood, sweat, and tears David and his ex-husband put into this humble home really shows off! In it’s own way, I think it is the perfect little house and it will continue to serve its purpose for me, the new neighbors, and the people after that and after that.

Check out the actual article on David’s blog YHBHS, the photo and story resonate a bit better there!

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Welcome to the bridge where I hope and intend to create a space for ALL the things I do and can't seem to quit. I am a stylist, a creator, a shop owner, a writer, an artist, a mama. Sabina Bloom was born FEB 2021 in a snowstorm and she has an extra special gift on her 21st chromosome. Here you will find us laughing, loving, creating, and navigating Down syndrome and our life together.

2 thoughts on “421-423 n boylston…

  1. Thanks for this post Annie. I’ve know David for a few years and it’s great to know that your fabulous place was partly his handiwork !

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