Sacred land: a profile of my bro’s work!


My older brother, Joe, is a conservation biologist and lives in Olympia, Washington.  He is also a photographer with his photos reflecting that of his day job. I have always admired my brother’s passion for his job.  I guess you could say we both have a lot of passion in general for our hobbies and loves.  Growing up I remember being fascinated by his collection of fossils and rocks.  I have a memory of him looking for specimens in our front yard and being inspired to find some myself! We both loved nature and thanks to our parents got to go on many road trips to places like Colorado, Wyoming, Tennessee where that love was able to flourish.  I was obsessed with all the native american trinkets,books, and culture and Joe was ready to get lost in the woods.  I have admired all his adventures and he has lived in some pretty great places to visit! I know I will always learn something from a visit with my bro.  I am proud of his work and ambition to conserve what is sacred…the earth.

Here is Joe’s mission.

“As both a conservation biologist and photographer, my goal is to capture natural beauty and convey important conservation issues hoping to stir curiosity, knowledge, and passion for the natural world.

My professional day job is working as a conservation biologist, with a focus on vegetation ecology. This work, as well my travels on the weekends, brings me to some amazing places as well as to landscapes where biodiversity has been lost or is threatened by excessive human-induced impacts. ”

Check out more of his work here or on Facebook.


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