big hair and some shoulder pads

as i had mentioned last week in a post, i went out of town for work. i was shooting a commercial with dee snider, from twisted sister, and had to dress the other talent and background in 80’s hair band costumes! while researching for the job i came across some amazing photos that i could not resist sharing.

i mean, the 80’s were pretty amazing, to me anyways. i actually think people really miss the mark when it comes to what the 80’s really were. sure there was neon, and side ponytails…but oh, it was so much more than that. so, much more!

i think we lack a bit of the playful, extravagant silhouette in today’s fashion. things are much more simple. we keep recreating trends over and over. are we lacking in imagination? or 20 years from now, will we be able to see the distinct look of the 2000’s? or 2010’s?

i couldn’t help but to think about the elizabethan era or renaissance (yes, i majored in costume) where things were so over the top, like the 80’s.  don’t get me wrong…i definitely don’t want to wear a corset, or spend an hour hairspraying my hair. i like being simple…i just also like analyzing it!

(unfortunately, i don’t have reference for these photos. i googled 80’s hair band and had to sift through lots and didn’t record any of it. shame on me!!)

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