the land of croatia

split, croatia

bol, croatia

train ride to zagreb


two posts in one day!  i making up for last week!

so, i have totally already posted about croatia back in the fall…but at that time i didn’t have as many lovely followers as i do now.  since i tend to get the most response out of my travel and food posts…i thought i would go for it again.

also, i spent my birthday last year in bol, croatia and my birthday is on friday. it’s a little year anniversary!

i can’t believe i was gone as long as i was last year. it hit me the other day when i got sidetracked and all of  sudden realized i was still traveling at this time last year. and i still have london on the agenda! (that post will come!)

croatia was cool. i am glad i went. it was not part of the original plan for me, but ended up extending my trip…and i am so glad i did. i figured i am this far, might as well keep going now, instead of another trip in the future!

the bus ride from trieste, italy to split, croatia was a ten hour one and at night! coming from the ever so lovely and charming italy, croatia seemed a bit like a time warp. surrounded by stone walls and the ocean, and a bit of that cold war presence still in the air. i was recently watching the behind the scenes of game of thrones ( i haven’t watched last nights episode yet!!) and they shoot in dubrovnik. i didn’t hit this spot except on a bus, but it looks a lot like split.  for some reason, this made me very happy that i could recognize the area and say i have been there. show off? perhaps!


bol is a tiny and cute city on an island called brac off of split, part of the dalmatian islands. the island was empty as april is not there season.  literally, empty, except locals! i have to admit it was quite nice to be so far away on my birthday not worrying about parties or people. just enjoying my day in a foreign land.

zagreb was adorable and so much different than the coast of croatia.  the city, to me, looks like a modern fairytale with its history, street cars,color, and markets. and their outdoor drinking scene is insane and everywhere!!! down the middle of the streets, just rows and rows of tables.

i had this strange feeling in croatia. not sure how to explain it, but it was kind of erie. i think i was getting a bit anxious…ready to go home, but not. ready to be alone…but a bit nervous about that too. i had a long journey still to london, and then making my way across the states: new york, st louis, new mexico, and then driving my car and cat back to LA from NM. part of me was done and anxious to get home, and part of me wanted to keep going.  i think there were a lot of other emotions wrapped up in this erie feeling. maybe it was the vibe in croatia. that post cold war feeling i got. people seemed happy, but there was a bit of harshness to their demeanor.  i could be wrong, i could just be some stupid american intrigued by the idea of what the cold war was to these people, but from the looks of the countryside i don’t think i am too far off.

i have no absolutely no regrets about my trip there and traveling is about learning! and i think through that erie feeling, i did learn.

some of my favorite things about croatia:

coffee with cream

stone walls

marjoram park


american pop music coming from the neighbors

shaky train rides

the hottest bus driver i have ever seen

the abandoned green house


some of the best eggs i have ever had

ferry rides

empty islands

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10 thoughts on “the land of croatia

  1. Absolutely agree with you about the EU but I think the thing is already over. Unfortunately, we did not know arrange our country (4 million people) and Europe will do it. shame!

  2. @ddivna and sunandglory: I went to Croatia too (Zadar) – just for a week, but I fell in love and was so impressed, not least with the quality of the ice cream and how beautiful the people were! Thanks for the lovely post that brings back memories – and to ddivna I say: your country is awesome. Don’t join the EU, they’ve nothing to offer that would make it better, they’ll just mess things up and take away your cheese! 🙂

  3. Drove through Croatia from Italy 20 years ago to Split. This was before the wars. The most surprisingly beautiful place I have visited. Stayed on the nearby island of Hvar – stunning. Might see if I can Pinterest a pic to demonstrate.
    Oh and I agree about Croatian men, not just the bus drivers, something in the collective gene pool seems to have created the hottest race.

  4. It’s very kind of you, Annie!
    Next time do not miss Istria, where I am now. This is the most beautiful part of Croatian (“Croatian Tuscany”) The world is beautiful. need to travel. there are lot to see. I wish you a happy journey!

  5. Thank you because you did not say a single negative word about Croatia. I know that we are far from perfect but it is good to hear nice words. “Time Warp”-I agree absolutely

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