impromptu brunch and pure joy

man, oh man. another inspiring weekend/week. laura (my dear friend that we went to CO to see) was in town for the past 5 days doing a photo shoot with our other friend kate. it was such a treat to get to spend more time with the lady! a complete girls love fest complete with an actual girls marathon, a walking tour of downtown LA, the land art exhibit at the MOCA, photo shoots, and lots and lots of laughter. not to mention the night we watched new year’s eve, which might be the worst movie of all time, but totally worth watching for the sheer pleasure of making fun!

sunday brunch happened at my house and was an impromptu attempt on a whim! i made a spinach/goat cheese/herb fritata and cherry/banana/nutella pancakes with caramel sauce. to drink, orange water! it was simple, easy, and a nice little end to the weekend before we all headed back to our real lives. of course, kate and i found an excuse to order take out and watch game of thrones after taking laura to the airport…just not ready to end the sheer joy of good friend’s company. i am sad the fun is over, but happy to have had the moments of the weekend!

photos from laura and i’s little round about in downtown LA. we walked from my house. had lunch at grand central market. paid 50cents to take angels flight. sat in the park at angel’s knoll and admired butterflies. happy hour at umamicutessan. finished off at the MOCA for the land art exhibit. lovely.


9 eggs

2 garlic cloves

1/4 cup of white onion (or shallot)

spinach (as much as you want)


3 tablespoons of parmesan cheese

1/4 cup of goat cheese

variety of fresh herbs( i used basil, dill, thyme, oregano…but any will do really!)


i had bananas and cherries that were going to go bad…so, i decided to throw them in with some bisquick pancake mix. i added some nutella and made a caramel sauce because i was out of maple syrup! boom!

pancake mix (bisquick, gluten free, your own)

1/4 cup of cherries

1 1/2 bananas

2 tablespoons of nutella

recipe for caramel sauce here

for the orange water just cute some slices of oranges and add to the water squeezing some of the juice in! done.

 i have to admit i am not sure i ever meant for the blog to become so personal in the beginning, but it seems to be the direction it has taken. sometimes i just can’t help to but to share the happy, great moments when friends and love trump all. i can’t thank these ladies enough for having been in my life for so long, since 1997, still bringing so much laughter, joy, and inspiration to my life. i can’t wait to share the photo shoot laura and i did in my backyard… but here are a few silly photos from the shoot laura and kate were working on (me and the dogs tagged along to help)…of the three of us being completely, well,(insert subtle sarcasm here) cool.

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4 thoughts on “impromptu brunch and pure joy

  1. This post warmed my heart! I’m so glad you got time together for laughing and, frankly, being fabulous! That picture on the stairs is so good. You girls were amazing back in 1997 Alabama, and absolutely precious in 2012 LA. Love to you all!

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