vintage circus pre-marital bliss party: stacy and allan

my dear friends stacy and allan are getting married at the beginning of august. they are such wonderful people and generous friends and are always helping me out, especially with wylie and lola! i wanted to do something special for them to celebrate their big day and to say thank you. something where they could be surprised, feel pampered, and relax. plus, i do love throwing a party!

originally, the party i catered last night was suppose to be the day after stacy and allan’s (turns out that would have been kind of a nightmare!!!!!) knowing i would be mostly cooking for  last night’s gig, i decided to try and find a menu that would alleviate too much cooking and food in my fridge. hot dogs and hamburgers seemed the easiest. i have had this 1970’s vintage ketchup and mustard set i have been wanting to use forever… and there the circus theme was born! i started a pinterest board and didn’t have trouble finding lots of amazing images. i was hoping to create more of a carnival theme, ya know the tv show, but sometimes with a budget and time, you get what you get. i think it turned out pretty sweet and more on the kitschy side! i was only able to get a few detail shots of the food, but you get the idea!

we found some pre bagged popcorn at costco. bought donut holes and displayed them in individual red striped bags. circus peanuts, lollipops, and a cotton candy machine to complete the sugar! i loved walking around seeing people eating cotton candy off a paper cone! score!  one of their friend’s also brought cake pops, which were great for the theme and tasty!!!

for the savory side, i found these hamburger and hot dog foil wrappers on etsy. at first, i was scared it was cheesy…but people loved it and it kept everything warm so we could cook in batches! never even thought about the useful side of it! we put chips in french fry containers and corn dogs and mozzarella sticks in red check food boats. i couldn’t help but to make at least one thing, so i did pioneer woman’s chipotle pork and made my own cilantro slaw! i also did a quick little condiment bar, of course, using the ketchup and mustard bottles complete with pickles, relish, tomatoes, and onions. oddly enough i forgot to put out the cheese, but i did whip up some mayos: tarragon and garlic mayo, sriracha mayo, secret sauce (thousand island), and sriracha ketchup! drinks we kept simple, but we did find mexican coke in bottles at costco, of all places.

let me say i could not  have pulled this party off if it wasn’t for the help of kate and her husband sean, and stacy’s good friends, paige and mollie! kate did the majority of the food shopping with me and she was a maniac with the decorations. everyone was just so incredibly helpful with decorating, setting up, helping me grill and cook, preparing the bar, cleaning up, and even doing dishes! i never expected such amazing help!!!!!! all around it was such a supportive effort!

kate and i thought up the brilliant idea of creating a circus tent out of streamers on the back porch. i really thought this would be so easy, turns out, it is time consuming! kate manned that bitch and made it look perfect with only about 5 hours of her time. maybe more! throughout the week i made some pinwheels out of big scraps of paper i have had forever sitting in my craft cabinet.  kate and sean had lots of stuff leftover from their wedding, like tablecloths and chalkboards, that we were able to use around the party for signs,etc. i am completely obsessed with giant balloons…i just think they are so fun for pictures! we could only fit 3 in the car after being blown up, but  totally worth it! sean brought his sound system for a dance party,and oh did we have one!!!

i think my favorite part though, was the homemade photo booth! again, using tablecloths from kate’s wedding, we draped them from some c-stands that the two own from their green screen kit.  i wanted to make it look like a curtain so, we layered it up. kate then decided she wanted to hand paint stripes down the center and add some texture! we had lots of fun the night before, while kate painted stripes, i held the paint can, and sean made mustaches! needless to say we had a lot of stupid laughs. i bought a bunch of costumes on amazon and kate suggested using the vintage leather suitcase i bought at goodwill months ago. such a perfect use for the thing! i gathered things from my wardrobe kit and personal collection and threw em in.  we set the camera up on a tripod and a timer.  i think my favorite costumes were the lion and horse head, and the pink turban!  last but not least, paige brought a piñata. i especially love the photos of stacy and allan at the end…especially the one of stacy. it is just so her!

love all you people!!!

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4 thoughts on “vintage circus pre-marital bliss party: stacy and allan

  1. Oh my gosh!!! This is so up our alley! Love how you captured this fun event in all your photos! It’s the little details like your menu that make these get togethers such fun and wonderful memories! Great Job 🙂

  2. I love that picture of Stacy! What a spread, Annie! You really did it this time!!!! Love the candy peanuts….brought back major memories for me!

  3. this bottom photo of me is the best photo i’ve ever taken in my life!!!!! thanks so much for a beautiful party and for a wonderful friendship! you ladies amaze me!

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