ponies and pigtails: baby rose’s shower

aaannnddd…yet another party. i have to admit, i am a bit partied out. and yet, i have to go do another in san diego friday night. don’t get me wrong, it is great fun! especially the end result. it has been such a busy summer and i am looking forward to doing some of my own personal projects again! but here is the story of baby rose’s baby shower.

 there were 5 of us that all pitched in. i have to admit, i was a little worried how it would all come together with 5 different “visions”, and mostly because i am a control freak,  but it totally worked and was a hit! i was proud of all of us.  my friend kristin and i came up with different ideas and delegated tasks while giving freedom to create from those perimeters. i called it ponies and pigtails, however that never quite made it anywhere else past the invitation. thought it was a good name though! wink wink!

i took on the food and some decorations. for the menu, i wanted to keep it simple and on the cheaper side. what’s more simple and better than tacos? plus, we live in LA, so, tacos are like what wheaties were in the 80’s to every american household, a staple. i wanted to make it as authentic and fun as possible. we know good mexican here and i have never found it as authentic anywhere else in the country…period. you can’t  really argue that one… we practically are in mexico. okay, maybe in texas.  i hit the mexican bakery around the corner from my house and bought some of their homemade red and green salsa, stocked up on corn tortillas, cotija, and creme mexicana. i pickled some red onions. chopped up cilantro, white onion, and radish. made guac and pico de gallo. as well as homemade chipotle chicken, rajas poblanas, and shredded pot roast beef. click on the link for recipes!

we rented a few tables as i had this vision of one long table with jars down the center filled with simple flowers, not bouquets.  i bought some fabric downtown and cut the pieces into squares layering them on all the tables to bring everything together. hannah, went to the flower mart and picked out an abundance of beautiful flowers and arranged them ever so lovely in the jars. she also added some roses in honor of baby rose and other bouquets for the other tables.  i ideally wanted to keep the “baby” decorations to a minimum.  after all, this was a co-ed baby shower. the boys were great and took it all on, but i figured best to not drive em too crazy.  the only real baby thing we had was the clothesline of baby clothes.  the idea was that we would all bring clothes to hang on the line for baby rose to then keep.  we were getting down to the wire and was worried we wouldn’t get it up and wasn’t sure where to place it. i hadn’t envisioned that far ahead yet. bree chimed in and found the perfect spot right above the tables from one tree to another. it was the best spot and looked so sweet.  love this kind of team work!

i had a few of the giant balloons leftover from another party. although, one popped they were a special extra to the backyard! it happened to work out that my chalkboard menu went along with the small chalkboards bree brought for the drink table!

bree took on the beer tasting and added in a rose`, again in honor of baby rose! the party was from 3-6, therefore we decided we didn’t need to get everyone wasted. so, light drinks were served. i thought it turned out really quite cute! hannah made a rose water lemonade and cucumber/mint water. there was also a bucket of tecate to go with the good old mexican food!

kristin put together a candy table and ice cream bar! she filled apothecary jars with sweet treats from our childhood and supplied bags for people to take it all home as a favor.  she was so excited when she found the giant sugar daddy’s as kmart while we were working on a job. her enthusiasm is contagious!

the ice cream was a nice treat on a super hot day! so, many good toppings too! she got all the good stuff: chocolate and carmel sauce, whip cream, cherries, crushed candy bars, sprinkles! yum!  i want an ice cream sundae right now! i love the ice cream cones in the giant glass bowl.

matt took on the story book. i love decorating onesies, but i wanted to try something different. matt found a blank book and supplied the markers and pencils.  the idea was to create a story for baby rose, each guest taking a page and continuing the story with their own creativity and humor.  i was worried people wouldn’t get into it, but by the end of the party people were gathered around reading it out loud and coming up with new ideas. beth even took the time to make a cover! baby rose might not be able to read it until she is in her 20’s, but rebecca and greg can get a big kick out of it!

the boys were such troopers and most of them even sat through the presents being opened. all in all it was a sweet little shower. baby rose slept through the whole thing, but made out like a bandit. she will be the most stylish girl out there. lots of her mommie’s friends are wardrobe stylists!

a special special thanks to kristin, bree, hannah, matt, and of course alex for doing those odds and ends!

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Welcome to the bridge where I hope and intend to create a space for ALL the things I do and can't seem to quit. I am a stylist, a creator, a shop owner, a writer, an artist, a mama. Sabina Bloom was born FEB 2021 in a snowstorm and she has an extra special gift on her 21st chromosome. Here you will find us laughing, loving, creating, and navigating Down syndrome and our life together.

5 thoughts on “ponies and pigtails: baby rose’s shower

  1. Love the the idea of the story book! You ladies did a fab job of pulling it all together 🙂

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