LA beach days

more often than not, i forget i live on the pacific ocean. i am literally 15 miles from the nearest beach and frankly,that is just crazy to me. traffic and city life often keep me from getting there. maybe i make it once or twice a year…maybe a few times for work too. a few days ago i was making a list of supplies i need to get, one of which being rocks for my rock art.  buying rocks is just silly, so i sent my dear friend and old roomie, hilda, a text asking if she wanted to take the pups to the beach over the weekend.  being the spontaneous girl i love, she said yes,with no hesitation! we headed to the beach this past sunday and actually again yesterday. we were being wild on a tuesday! perhaps, just the start of my LA bucket list.

sunday, was beautiful and sunny! we braved the drive up the PCH and saw the 9/11 memorial Pepperdine University sets up every year. there are many beautiful beaches in Malibu along the PCH, one of my favorites being El Matador.  we basked in the sun with the doggies, i collected lots of rocks, while wylie was terrified of the water . on the way back to the city we drove through topanga canyon, which is the most bohemian neighborhood of LA. it’s like another world…a small town situated in a lush canyon with hikes, vintage stores, health food,dreadlocks, and an occasional celebrity. if it wasn’t so damn expensive…i might just take shop up there.  i didn’t get any shots while we were there, but here is some wikipedia info:

“topanga is the name given to the area by the Native American indigenous Tongva tribe,[6] and may mean “a place above.” It was the western border of their territory, abutting the Chumash tribe that occupied the coast from Malibu northwards. Bedrock mortars can be found carved into rock outcroppings in many locations.Topanga was first settled by Europeans in 1839.[7] In the 1920s, Topanga Canyon became a weekend getaway for Hollywood stars with several cottages built for that purpose. The rolling hills and ample vegetation served to provide both privacy and attractive surroundings for the rich and famous.”

the whole trip back to LA ( 15 miles takes about an hour in this city) we kept saying, “why don’t we come up here more?”, (watch the video at the end!) so, since we  are both sparatically working right now, we decided to go back again yesterday. this time we left later in the day and it was gloomy by the time we got there. not uncommon for the beach in this region,  gloomy mornings and gloomy evenings! it was actually quite lovely. we went back to leo carillo state beach. our plan was to go hiking, but when we got there, apparently, you can’t take the dogs on the hikes on the state side of the parks, only the national.  so, instead we took walk down the beach. the sky was gray, but the air warm.  the water a slate blue and the waves calm.  it was luxury. then we had a lovely little whole foods picnic on the beach, indulging in healthy treats! i didn’t have time to make it all cute and kinfolk style, but it was delicious none the less!

  why don’t we do this more? all i could think was, when will wylie ever get to see the beach again? when will i, and why haven’t i made use of this place more in the last 10 years? instead, like many things, i am leaving it all to the last minute of  a bucket list! somehow, i get more satisfaction out of things this way. i can no longer take it for granted.

this, however, has all kind of opened my eyes up to LA. i have been blind to the beauty and eccentricity this city has to offer over the last few years. the diversity and disposal of anything you want at your fingertips.  it just became this place i was living, filled with things i wanted and couldn’t have or things i didn’t want anymore. hilda drove on the way home.  we had the best little conversation just chit chatting and laughing about the funny things with dating and life in general. it was special. i thought, how lucky i was to have this girl in my life. to have shared an apartment with her, trips to europe, new mexico, chicago,christmas with my family, dinners galore in LA, intimate secrets, crying, love, and laughing.  nothing gets me more going than a good old genuine laugh with a friend.  it is one of the best feelings in the world and one of the only things i never take for granted.

it started to get dark on our drive home. we stopped to get gas where sunset meets the PCH.  the gloomy sky out the window made me feel like it was a cozy winter night, even though it was still pretty warm. all of a sudden i was nostalgic for LA winters.  the drive home down sunset reminded me of the second time i came to LA when my cousin got married…i was just a young teenager. the first time i was even younger. i remember thinking it was the most glamourous place i had ever been, and gosh darn it…i was going to live here!

at 22 years old, i moved to los angeles, california. i lived in west hollywood and worked in santa monica. slowly, i started to despise the west side of LA and move to the east side where the hipsters lived.  i felt more comfortable there because i didn’t drive a lexus and wore vintage clothes. i generally, now, stay on my side of town, rarely making a trip all the way down sunset blvd. sunset takes you through many of the neighborhoods in LA…starting downtown, moving through echo park, silver lake, los feliz, hollywood, west hollywood, beverly hills, bel air, westwood, brentwood, pacific palisades, and finally ending in malibu.  the drive just gets more lush and beautiful and fancy!

i always kind of hated driving on the west side…something always made me depressed about it.  maybe it brought back the lonely feelings of when i first moved here or maybe i felt like my dreams of LA as a child were crushed when the reality settled in.  last night though, i found this appreciation again. the glamour i saw as a child came rushing back. instead of ragging on it, i felt proud of my city. and content to start saying goodbye.

ending on a funny note. this video CRACKS ME UP! it is so a twenty something’s world of LA…living on the east side.i can relate more than i should probably admit.

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