joshua tree/the roadrunner cabin

everyone is talking about fall these days and i have to admit i just can’t relate, even if i can fantasize. it is certainly not fall yet in LA, nor is it ever what it is back east with crisp air, crunchy leaves, and a yellow wash of color. sure the garden is starting to fade, but the temperatures are high here in southern california. it was in the 100’s over the weekend, not uncommon for september. luckily, my friend donna and i escaped to Joshua Tree this weekend (part of my LA bucket list!) and the weather was perfect! funny to go further into the desert for it to be cooler than by the coast, but thank god! now, i love the mountains, but i LOVE the desert.  i think it is one of the most magical and mystical places on this earth. it evokes a feeling for me like none other. i am truly in love with it.

we stayed at the most adorable cabin just a few miles from the tiny town of Joshua Tree. green acres ranch has two cabins on the land which is full of treasures and oddities to walk around and discover. it is like a small desert museum. we stayed at the roadrunner cabin with the two pups as well! it couldn’t have been more of a perfect little getaway for a couple of old friends to relax and enjoy conversation!

the inside of the house was just as cute as can be. it was perfectly cool inside and came with a fully equipped kitchen.  so much charm throughout the whole place.  half of the house is also an outdoor studio space…i was completely ready to move in here!

the grounds really are the best part. the pictures really just say it all. since, it is the desert,and if the temperature is right…you are pretty much outside! we laid in the hammock, put back a few bottles of wine, did some drawing on rocks, had a fire, and talked a whole lot about our futures. the dogs had lots of fun looking out for critters and running around the grounds. the place is complete with a bbq, a fire pit, an outdoor shower and tub, misters, a fish pond, hammock, doggie houses, not to mention the random old truck and other knick knacks hanging around.  the other cabin on the grounds is just as wonderful!

the sunshine was abundant and i was in heaven the whole time.

already, planning a trip back! stay tuned for more photos tomorrow of joshua tree national park!

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