concord grape jam with honey


i thought i would leave you with another post this week…because next week i am headed to colorado to look for a place to live!!!!!! holy moly…i am doing this! i have so many emotions about this move, mostly good ones…a few holy shit ones! so, much that i keep typing things out and erasing them, it’s like i can’t talk about it. instead, let’s just talk about food. what better form of therapy is there? too bad it can give you double chins.

on my trip to Ojai last week, i bought some concord grapes. these guys originated in concord, massachusetts, hence the name. they just looked so pretty in that cute little white bag and smelled so good in the produce section of the tiny market, i couldn’t resist. now, i probably only ate like two grapes the whole time i was there, typical, but luckily i could drive em home and make some concord grape jam with these scrumptious purple gems. i mean, they really do taste like the juice, or the gum. it is like none other flavor i have ever encountered. just eat them, seeds and all.

1. separate the inside of the grape from the skin. to do so, just squeeze one end end and out pops the green yumminess. do this over a bowl to catch all the juice as well, and do not discard the skins, but place them in a separate bowl. this is a bit of a daunting task, but kind of therapeutic.

2. in a food processor, take the skins and 1/4 cup of date sugar and puree. you can use regular sugar as well. i used just a small amount to keep the sugar content down. add more if you like.

3. in a large pot, boil the skin mixture, green insides, and 3/4 cup of honey. honey, adds moisture which is why i added less then 1 cup. if you want to use white sugar add 1-2 cups of white sugar, depending on how many grapes you have. boil the mixture until the grapes have broken down and the seeds are popping out. these are large seeds, so beware.

5.using a strainer, strain the mixture into a bowl to discard all the seeds. i really went to town on mine to make sure i got every last drop…my hand kind of hurt.

6. can the jam! now, i generally just boil my jars, fill them, and let them sit until they have sealed (when the top of the mason jar no longer pops back and forth). i don’t use pectin in any of my jams, and i generally try to eat the jam quickly and give away as presents. if you have never jammed and canned before, i suggest reading some other blogs or books that are a bit more of a veteran then i am!  this is how i learned to do it.

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7 thoughts on “concord grape jam with honey

  1. yes, and i just learned from home, garden, and life’s comment, that you should boil after you fill them as well. i forgot about that step! you can find many tutorials online!! go for it!

  2. That looks delicious. I like your simple approach to canning. I want to learn and I have some mason jars, and I was confused about what “canning equipment” I needed… But I had always thought you could just boil them too! I need to read up some more but I’m sure if you use it quickly and refrigerate that’s probably enough.

  3. I raise concord grapes here in Virginia, yet sell them all at market. Next year I may try this recipe. One suggestion–sterilize your jars in boiling water, fill with jam, wipe glass rim, add cap and ring, then place in boiling water for at least ten minutes. Jars should have at least two inches of water above the tops…That way you have a longer shelf life. And yes, the heavenly aroma of ripe Concords nearly surpasses the flavor of the fruit!

  4. Good luck with the house hunting and move. Maybe I’ll give jam making a go after reading this, yum yum.

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