behind the scenes: sun and glory late winter/early spring lookbook

IMG_4119i was hoping to post this last week, but between work, the boys editing photos, and getting in my car at 5:30am everyday this week to drive to denver, i haven’t had a moment to do so. but….continuing with the weekend extravaganza that was…i wanted to share some behind the scenes of the photo shoot we did for the sun and glory winter /spring lookbook. when the ladies told me they were coming and booked their tickets my brain starting turning. i have been daydreaming of  a winter lookbook filled with images of snow and using this beautiful land i currently inhabit. although, winter is almost over, this will also suffice as a spring book too with all those horsy pictures! considering two very talented photographers, zach and chris, were accompanying the girls on this trip, how could i not take advantage of putting together an impromptu shoot?

amanda and i have been doing photos shoots since our very early days in LA, which then consisted of polaroids and my hallway. donna has modeled for me too on occasion not to mention all those photo shoots for myspace being silly. chris, has won awards for his photos and together he and amanda won an award for their submission to a crossroads photo contest. zach, puts together these amazing videos and to my surprise he took lots of video of the shoot…which i am so excited about as we have been trying to get together to do a shoot for some time now! the boys brought their professional equipment and the ladies their beauty! everyone was so into and that just makes it that much more fun! it was a perfect day to all hang out together and get creative! my favorite kind of days!

we did limited makeup and hair…maybe a little lipstick here and there. i like it underproduced, more natural, using what we have. amanda and i hit up buffalo exchange for a few pieces, the rest we wore out of our own closets. i love the simplicity of it just coming together just as it is. the colorado homestead was the location. we used an old garage as backdrop that sits in front of my house, went across the street to utilize the horses whom didn’t seem to mind the spotlight, and then moved down to the river where those snowy photos began to appear thanks to the ice and snow still on the river!

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photos by:

chris vinopal

zach driscoll


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