diy: wood burning kitchen utensils


i am always wanting to more DIY’s, but for some reason, it isn’t the kind of post i go to first. i think i get intimidated by all the amazing diy’s you can find on pinterest. it is hard to come up with something original, and let’s face it, i hate to be anything but original.  i also like to come up with ideas that i can spend the least amount of money on, because once you get me into hobby lobby all hell breaks loose and my wallet generally pays the price.

this one i recently thought up with and i was proud. i am sure it has been done before, but i refuse to let myself google or search on pinterest. i am going to take this one home! the expensive part, would be the wood burning tool, if you don’t have one.  i have had one for a while now, and am always looking for some wood to burn. so, why not burn those beautiful old wood bowls and kitchen utensils? the amazing thing is, you can pick these up at the thrift store! the spoons and brush i have actually had for a while now, but the bowl was a thrift store gem! we all have wooden spoons in our drawers too!

the thing is once you get burning, it get’s kind of addicting. obviously, this is not a safe one for kids.

what you need:

wood burning kit and tools (i use the finest head)

wood bowls, utensils, or just some wood

a marking pencil, wax pencil, or pen

a good working surface


IMG_7558 IMG_7563

mark on your wood the design you wood like to carve into the piece using a pencil or wax pencil. turn your tool on and let it heat up. carefully, follow your design template and use the tool like a pencil or pen. sometimes you need to push hard, sometimes you can gently place on the wood and let it slowly burn getting a lighter or deeper color.  wallah! that is it. pretty simple, my kind of DIY. PicMonkey Collagejvj PicMonkey Collagegvgj IMG_7712 2

PicMonkey Collage

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8 thoughts on “diy: wood burning kitchen utensils

  1. These look really cool. It’s a great way to get crafty with something you have around the house!

  2. what an awesome idea! the un-original me might be making some of these for my new apartment. (; thanks for sharing!

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