lilac ice cubes


though lilacs are not in bloom anymore, back when they were i made lilac ice cubes. did you know lilacs are one of the many edible flowers? this little idea can be done with any edible flower. it is such a pretty addition to a drink! simply clip your flowers and rinse them well. place in the ice cube tray and fill with water. the flowers will float to the top, so you can try rolling them in sugar to get them to sink! IMG_8873 PicMonkey Collage5yq PicMonkey Collage34qt

Published by Dear, Us

Welcome to the bridge where I hope and intend to create a space for ALL the things I do and can't seem to quit. I am a stylist, a creator, a shop owner, a writer, an artist, a mama. Sabina Bloom was born FEB 2021 in a snowstorm and she has an extra special gift on her 21st chromosome. Here you will find us laughing, loving, creating, and navigating Down syndrome and our life together.

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