peach and hot pepper whiskey


ok, so enough feeling sorry for myself. yesterday, was one of those kind of posts,  but thanks for your comments and for reading. i had to do another post today …i get anal about which ones are the first to pop up…and my internal ranting isn’t the one i want to be on top.  with that said, i also am trying out something new for the blog. hoping to post it next week sometime. i have been thinking of it for some time now and yesterday’s diarrhea of the mouth gave me just the encouragement…so stay tuned!

i have been trying out farmers markets in different areas and though they have absolutely nothing on a california market, i am happy they are there. but honestly, i missed LA a lot yesterday as i strolled through my town’s “farmers market”. my california homesick seems to come in waves.  i brought these peaches home from the market near my parents house in missouri. though they were still a little tart for my taste,but they were peachy none the less! as i was doing yoga yesterday, i thought up this cocktail…that meditating is good for something! 🙂 the peppers are from my garden and are also super hot. make sure after cutting up a hot pepper you wash your hands, say in case you rub your eye directly with your finger and it burns for a good 30 minutes. i mean, that totally didn’t happen to me or anything. PicMonkey Collagekjv IMG_9575 IMG_9577

one pepper (any kind you like!)





club soda

make a simple syrup with equal parts water and sugar.  de-seed your pepper and add the pieces to the syrup. boil until the sugar has dissolved. in a food processor or juicer(less stringy fiber to deal with), puree the peach. about one peach per drink. combine the peach puree, 1-2 tbsp of pepper simple syrup, club soda, and whiskey over ice. as much club soda or whiskey you desire! you can stir a pepper around in the drink for more of a kick, or garnish with a teeny tiny one!

PicMonkey Collage

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