eat: bruschetta my#1 recipe in college

  things are ┬ámountain high beautiful here in CO. flowers are blooming, my vegetable garden is planted, and there is so much green around me it makes me feel crazy with excitement. the smell of fresh cut grass and summer rain, the brightening of spring, the daylight is hanging around a little bit longer. itContinue reading “eat: bruschetta my#1 recipe in college”

Baked Cheese with Fresh Herbs

baked cheese!!! as the barefoot contessa would say ” how easy is that?” seriously. how easy is this? it’s pretty damn easy. i mean, how come i never thought of this before? i love that i post about melted cheese on a monday morning, just in time to highjack the healthy grocery shopping list iContinue reading “Baked Cheese with Fresh Herbs”