peach and hot pepper whiskey

ok, so enough feeling sorry for myself. yesterday, was one of those kind of posts,  but thanks for your comments and for reading. i had to do another post today …i get anal about which ones are the first to pop up…and my internal ranting isn’t the one i want to be on top.  withContinue reading “peach and hot pepper whiskey”

farmers market masa crusted squash blossoms

on friday, i stopped off at the echo park farmers market  and couldn’t resist buying the squash blossoms! (even though i am starting a juice cleanse,but hey they are gluten free!) i love fried squash blossoms stuffed with mozzarella, and lazy ox use to have a mean one on their menu with honey. hence, myContinue reading “farmers market masa crusted squash blossoms”

PNW…Olympia farmers market

My big brother lives in Olympia, Washington. Which means I get to travel from LA to the PNW quite often.  One of my favorite things about Olympia (besides the Pugit sound and the seafood) is the local farmers market they have. Living in Southern California is a gem in itself with a farmers markets everyContinue reading “PNW…Olympia farmers market”