Pecan Pancakes Drizzled with Raw Honey

i have been trying, trying, to strictly stick to “healthy”eating…meaning cutting out gluten, dairy, and sugar. well, honestly, i do this as much as possible. i just can’t seem to fully give everything up. man, it’s hard work. for the most part, i should get a B+, for effort and following through.   this weekendContinue reading “Pecan Pancakes Drizzled with Raw Honey”

gf blueberry lemon ricotta muffins…with a little ranting on top

let me just take this opportunity on a food post to rant. life sure is funny…isn’t it? about a month ago i decided that i was really ready to leave LA.  i clearly hinted around to it on the blog, but i never wanted to come out and actually say it until i was completelyContinue reading “gf blueberry lemon ricotta muffins…with a little ranting on top”

shrimp with feta, zucchini, quinoa, and lemon

well, folks…i found a little bit of cooking inspiration.  maybe it was the shoveling of food into my mouth in florida that did the trick or that i let myself watch some of the food network. (i had been limiting myself as it makes me want to eat, like all the time). i came homeContinue reading “shrimp with feta, zucchini, quinoa, and lemon”

coco,avacado, & banana smoothie

first off, i want to say thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday!!! the support was so warming and made those jitters of putting my heart on the table that much more safe! back to regular programming! i have still  been eating a simple diet. generally juicing in the morning and very simple smallContinue reading “coco,avacado, & banana smoothie”

super veggie soup

so, i went a whole week last week without refined sugars, meat, dairy, or flour. i did a lot of juicing, simple salads, and this soup. drinking all the juice made me crave salt not sugar. usually, i am the opposite. i am assuming it had to do with  all the natural sugars i wasContinue reading “super veggie soup”