eat: moroccan crepes

  i have been making, therefore eating, a lot of crepes lately. this is just one of two posts to come! one day, i started thinking about these yellow pancakes we were served every morning at our riad in marrakech, morocco. they had all these bubbles on top and though i can not really describeContinue reading “eat: moroccan crepes”

revisiting morocco

marrakech, morocco. continuing on with the nostalgia of my trip last year. i posted about morocco when i first started the blog…but i wanted to revisit it! a place like no other i have been. the prayers, the colors, the shopping, the pastries, the tourist traps, and those arches…those decorative moroccan arches. sometimes when iContinue reading “revisiting morocco”

the laundry line

Venice, Italy 2011 I couldn’t get enough of the laundry hanging all over Europe and Morocco. It’s not that I get a kick out of people not having dryers. It just always looked so pretty hanging outside windows, as though it was meant for decoration.  I can barely fold my laundry after it comes outContinue reading “the laundry line”

Travel: Morocco

In March, I had the opportunity to go to Marrakech, Morocco!  The streets are filled with mopeds, donkeys, car fumes, shopping, street pastries, color, arabic conversations, the sound of Muslim prayers and this is not even mentioning what happens in the plaza.  By far one of the best places I have ever been.  The shoppingContinue reading “Travel: Morocco”