curiosity spaces: stacy elaine dacheux

my friends seem to have become such an important part of my blog over the last few months! stacy and allan were kind enough to let me come into their humble abode and photograph it for the second edition of curiosity spaces. stacy is an artist and a writer, while allan is a comedian, actor,Continue reading “curiosity spaces: stacy elaine dacheux”

DIY: double dipped spoons

if you are a design blog junkie like me, then you have probably seen the paint dipped craze taking over the DIY scene. ┬áin my defense of being late on this, i did this DIY like two months ago. ( i clearly prefer to be a leader, not a follower…it’s the aries in me). iContinue reading “DIY: double dipped spoons”

DIY: Golden Driftwood

Last night I had the urge to get rid of all the macrame and hippy knick knacks in my house and move onto a victorian gothic vibe. ( ok, waaaay too much downton abbey) I think there is a lot of emotion behind the inspiration in my house. I have always been in love withContinue reading “DIY: Golden Driftwood”