chipotle pork and slaw sandwhich

  this pork is so good. like so good.  i ate this pork for like 3 days because i had so  much of it! and even though it is 10am on a monday morning, i am craving it again as i write this post. i’m starving. i paired it with light coleslaw and multigrain breadContinue reading “chipotle pork and slaw sandwhich”

the easiest pot de creme one can ask for

the easiest pot de creme. although, this seems to be a running theme around the internet- the easiest chocolate pudding. should it be that easy? for my guilt, no…for my pleasure, yes! this recipe is courtesy of pioneer woman, my favorite on-camera housewife! i kind of adore her. so,clearly, this recipe is not my own!Continue reading “the easiest pot de creme one can ask for”