curiosity spaces: my colorado cabin

is it narcissistic to do a curiosity space on my own house? perhaps, but i do find my own house curious. i find it curious how quickly it can become a mess, how fast dishes pile up, how cleaning is so hard for me to start to do. maybe thats why i moved away, soContinue reading “curiosity spaces: my colorado cabin”


man, what a weekend! that fresssssh, high altitude air surely makes a mark every time…and i think that mark is getting deeper and deeper. i might just explode if i don’t let that mark heal…by moving. shall i even say, i feel closer to leaving this land of angels? because next week i might beContinue reading “LURKE”

thrifty gems!

i am back from my road trip! and it was such a pleasure.   now, that i am back…it is back to business. i have so much to do…cleaning, organizing, gardening, juicing, and all sorts of prep work for UNIQUE LA in may! i have so many ideas swimming around, i can hardly stand it.Continue reading “thrifty gems!”

vintage printables…i’m in love

funny thing about the internet…discovering. i came by these amazing vintage printables through my lovely friend, marianne, over at smitten living where she found these prints via the jealous curartor. so, in that chain of events…i enjoyed reading my friend’s blog whom in turn turned me onto these sweet prints (which i have often scoured ebay and etsyContinue reading “vintage printables…i’m in love”

DIY: victorian inspired headpiece

remember this post? well…i got inspired to try and make my own headpiece. i found a creme sash (that once belonged to a dress or something), some vintage lace i bought like two years ago and have been just been waiting to use it on something, and some lovely chain i bought at French GeneralContinue reading “DIY: victorian inspired headpiece”